The History of “mein Schönstes Ungeheuer” A short documantary(in dutch language) about the origine of the song and about the rewards it won The painting of dr.Maberi you see in it is made by Stan Vingerhoed backround music: music rehearsals  Mein Schönstes Ungeheuer Karaoke Singalong with the Ungeheuersong! music: Nikolaj Marks More dr.Maberi and strange experiments see the   mabericards button
Mein Schönstes Ungeheuer (My most Lovable Creature)      Maberi plays dr.Maberi, a German doctor who sings and operates at the same time.  Creature: Sylvia Smets and others The takes took place in the cellars of the Nedinsco complex, an old Bauhaus building from the twenties. camera/editing: Louk Voncken Løltrøllpolka The Master of kitsch music, Nikolaj Marks,  has done it again! A melody that will haunt your mind for ever! It is an honor for to play this disc for you.