It's difficult to describe what Maberi makes Maberi. Is it his art, his horror, his fantasy, his songs, himself? Or maybe something completely different? It's all up to you! Since his early childhood Maberi creates his own world(s). A world so big that this site only can give a small impression of his work. The  Collecticards are 150 different designs for collectable fantasy/horror cards.  In this site sou’ll see two animations made of these cards Zoliboli is a very special fairy-tale book which I'm working at the moment. Take a glance at this project. Drahnriba, Forest of Glows, a fantasy world that exists already over 25 years in mine imagination Meet members of an old Italian clown family the Zalivani's When you click  Mabericards you will see Maberi primitive animated in full action ! ...on cards. Classick Cinema. You will see short movies in which Maberi  often plays a leading role but not always. Moonlight Madness. A collection of songs written by Bernard Martens and sung by Maberi        contact: Bernard Martens Nassaustraat 65 5911BT Venlo tel: 0640504848