Jack The year is 1889 and the place, the misty streets of  London. Horrible murders happen and everyone knows the name of the evildoer. This film reveals the naked truth about Jack the.... soundtrack: Bernard Martens Maberi plays all the parts and he makes his début as a countertenor. Thou is warned! the Ghoulbrother The Voice has risen from the grave. The man who makes every woman faint calls himself the Ghoulbrother. Maberi plays the One and Bonely One voice over: Reswati  
Diavolo Dansez The language Devil Maberi sings is in a Dutch dialect avec un petit peu Français. Chaos, fire, explosions without any budget.  Pauls dominion was the perfect location for the backdrops. Warning! This time the music is really out of tune. People with an absolute hearing are advised to watch this movie without any sound! lyrics and music: Bernard Martens