Drahnriba is a miraculous forest with a peculiar vegetation whimsical trees and numerous fancy creatures. Every dawn a new colour, a Glow, appears on the horizon changing the scenery all the time. Sometimes the forest is covered by a soft Glow and everything looks friendly and cute, but now and then the forest falls under the spell of a pale Glow. Then Drahnriba can be a very frightening place. About 25 years ago I discovered Drahnriba. I sculpted numerous dolls without knowing why I gave birth to them, nor did I know what to do with them. After giving names to my 'children' it seemed as if they started to live. They inspired me to write their stories. In frenzied attacks, night after night, I wrote these stories down in my scrapbook.  To get in Drahnriba I had to transform as a doll and give myself a new name and that is how Maberi appeared for the first time.