Ratatouille music: Mildred Baily, Blame it on my Last Affair Camera: Nikolaj Marks    
Ratatouille! music: the Hoosier Hot Shots, The Kitten with the Big Green Eyes camera: Irmgard Krumpelmann Weezy Anna The fattest woman in the world? In Venlo (the Netherlands) Also suitable  for people who like belly dancing. music: the Ray Noble Orchestra, vocals : Al Bowlly, Weezy Anna One of the Lads of Valencia When Maberi is deeply in love he dresses himself as Don Feline Lion,  and gives his luck a shot. music: the Ray Noble Orchestra, vocals: Al Bowlly      I'm very fond of music from the thirties. It is always a great challenge to search the right music to the right movie      and to shoot nowadays images which look like a bit like the ones of that specific period.