My good friend Nikolaj Marks has made, on my request, in the early nineties18 Drahnriba songs. The instruments Nikolaj plays in these songs are: synthesizer, hurdy-gurdy, different kind of bag pipes and psalter,
01 the Forest of Glows3min50 Maberi awakens in a very peculiar forest. 02 Zwark 2m40 Zwark, is a slimy beast which crawls out of his mud pool and he seesMaberi. He sees a tasty snack!
07 de Snietchka Wals 1m40 Sneezle is a funny furry fellow.. He offers Maberi a drink  with wmuch too much alcohol. 10 Muushi’s 2m40 When Maberi opens his eyes he sees little Mushroomcreatures.